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How to Unlock Print Option in PDF File Online?

Scott Mandril ~ Modified: 23-May-2022 ~ Remove Password ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Sometimes users receive PDF documents with disabled print option but they want to unlock print option in PDF file online. After getting the secured PDF files when users try to take printouts then they see the print option is disabled.

When the print option is disabled in PDF documents, sometimes, user want to copy text from protected PDF file, many questions arise in the user’s mind. But non-technical users don’t aware of the actual reasons behind it. Now no need to take any stress because this writeup is specially dedicated to resolving the queries as mentioned below.

  • How to enable print option in PDF secure file?
  • How to print a PDF when printing is not allowed?

User’s Queries to Enable Print Option in PDF File

I have recently got some online certificates about upgrading my work skills in PDF format. But when I am trying to print them, I am seeing that that print option is disabled. Please suggest to me how to enable save as PDF in print option.

print disabled

I am an engineering student and my seniors sent me some projects and study material in PDF. I need to print them but print option is showing disabled in all PDF documents. Hence, I want to know how to unlock print option in PDF file online without a password.

Why Print PDF Option Is Disabled?

Adobe PDF is a portable document format that is compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. As a result, it has gained considerable popularity in recent years. Additionally, it is one of the most widely used standard formats for printing documents. PDF format permits to secure documents with different levels of password protection and restrictions.

Owner Level – Users can create owner-level passwords to prevent unauthorized users from copying, printing, or editing their documents. In general, professionals use owner-level security to safeguard PDF files.

User Level – If users need to protect PDFs with high-level protection, then then they can apply user level restrictions. After that, your entire document will be secured. Bank statements are examples of user-level locks.

unlock print option in pdf file online

How to Print a PDF when Printing is Not Allowed – Professional Method

In order to enable print option in PDF file online, users can use professional software i.e., PDF Unlocker developed by CloudXtra. This mentioned software is capable to unlock print option in PDF file online without Adobe Acrobat installation.

This utility is capable to open print option in PDF file without entering password. If the document is protected with owner-level restrictions. However, the software says to fill PDF password only once for user-level PDF documents. After providing a password, the print option will be enabled forever.

How to Unlock Print Option in PDF File – Step-by-Step

  1. Start the above-mentioned software and click on Add Files option.
    add files option
  2. Select PDF documents having disabled print option and press Open.
    open button
  3. PDF files uploaded successfully, now click on Unlock button.
    uploaded successfully
  4. If your files are protected with the owner’s password, then no need to enter password. For user level protected files, you need to enter password. Thereafter, click on Unlock.
    how to enable print option in pdf
  5. The print option is enabled successfully now as the files are unlocked now.
    how to open print option in pdf file
  6. Thereafter, get PDF files with unlock print option under download folder.
    how to enable save as pdf in print option

How to Open Print Option in PDF File – Manually

Using Google Chrome Web Browser users can unlock other restrictions like editing and copying. But it is impossible to use Google Chrome to unlock print option in PDF file online. However, you can get the steps to make non editable PDF to editable PDF hence, users can also copy content accordingly.

  • Open secured PDF document using Google Chrome browser.
  • Enter password of protected PDF file and click on Submit.
  • Thereafter, read PDF file information and click on Print option.
  • Under Destination, dropdown choose Save as PDF to continue.
  • After that, browse destination folder and hit on Save button.
  • Get resultant PDF files without having restrictions.

Bottom Line

This is advisable to use above mentioned CloudXtra Online Converter. Because the tool permits to unlock print option in PDF file online without requiring password. Even Adobe Acrobat and Reader programs installation is not mandatory to open print option in PDF file.

If you know the password of protected PDFs then you can use the Adobe Acrobat program to enable print option in PDF. But you want to remove password from downloaded PDF files, then it is not possible.