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How to Remove Bank Statement Password Online?

Scott Mandril ~ Published: 23-Feb-2022 ~ Remove Password ~ 5 Minutes Reading

You are here because you want to remove bank statement password online! You have landed on the correct webpage, here you will get the expert suggested and smart solution for unlocking bank statement passwords forever.

Actually, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and most bank institutions now offer an online banking experience. Users must download their bank statement files in order to complete different financial demands.

If consumers attempt to open bank statements after downloading them from a registered email address. Then, for security concerns, it requests a password. However, customers may choose to save their bank statements without a password for a variety of reasons.

enter password

For your better understanding, here we are mentioning some real-time issues faced by users.

Understand Why Users Want to Unlock Bank Statement Password

I work for a financial company and deal with vehicle loan financing the majority of the time. This is my everyday practice for obtaining client bank statements in PDF format. My company recommends uploading customers’ bank statements via an internet interface rather than a paper copy. The majority of our customers transmit password-protected bank statements. Following that, I repeatedly call them to inquire about passwords. Now that I’m aware that this is a time-consuming procedure, I’m looking for a clever way to remove bank statement password online. When a client sends me a password-protected bank statement, I will request the password in order to permanently unlock the bank statement. Is it feasible to unlock bank statement password online on an iPhone or Android phone?

I am working in MNC company and currently, I am looking for a home loan. Therefore, I have contacted a loan agent regarding home loan. One of the loan agents said to me, the bank requires 6 months bank statement in PDF format without having any password protection. After checking my bank statement financial transactions, they will decide my home loan will be approved or not. Now I want to remove bank statement PDF password online free of cost but I don’t know how is this possible. Please recommend me a professional but freeware solution to remove bank statement password online.

How to Remove Bank Statement PDF Password – Smart Solution

We recommend to use Adobe PDF Password Remover Online software which is compatible to run on all computers and smartphones (Android & iPhone). Even all Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS users can use it without imposing any error message.

  1. On any device, launch the online bank statement password remover and select Add Files.
    online bank statement password remover
  2. Select the relevant bank statement documents you wish to unlock and press the Open button.
    bank statements
  3. A popup alert indicates that files have been successfully uploaded to the software interface.
    files uploaded
  4. Thereafter, enter bank statement file password only once and choose Unlock option.
    enter password
  5. Bank statement password unlocked successfully, check the status. After that, click on Download button.
    remove bank statement password online
  6. Open selected destination path to get unlocked bank statements.
    bank statement password unlocked
  7. Lastly, double click on the downloaded bank statement to open it in Adobe reader program.
    bank statement

Online Bank Statement Password Remover Features

  • Software is capable to remove bank statement password protection of all banks available worldwide.
  • All computer, smartphone, and tablet users can use it to unlock bank statement password protections.
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS users can run it successfully without any specific OS dependency.
  • Bank statement password unlock software preserves complete original information with reducing the actual quality.
  • There is no need to download and install product setup, users can use any web browser for removing bank statement PDF password.
  • This online cloud-based utility permits to remove bank statement passwords from multiple documents in bulk.

Manual Method for Unlocking Bank Statements

How do I remove my bank statement password using manual steps?

Follow these steps to unlock password from bank statements without using mentioned software.

  1. Download bank statement PDF file on your computer.
  2. After that, right-click on the bank statement and select Open with.
  3. Choose Google Chrome browser to open bank statement.
  4. Thereafter, enter the password and click on Submit option.
  5. Now you can view bank statement transactions information.
  6. Click on the Print option to continue the process.
  7. Under Destination, choose Save as PDF option.
  8. Press the Save button and browse the destination path.
  9. At last, click on Save to unlock bank statement password.
  10. Now you can double click to open bank statement without password.

Limitation – Manual method allows to remove bank statement password but one by one. For example, if you are unlocking 10 bank statements then you need to repeat the mentioned steps process 10 times.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1 – Both manual and automatic methods say to enter bank statement password once but why? Is it possible to remove password from a bank statement without entering a password?

A – Actually, bank statements store confidential information so these documents are protected with high-level user passwords. A user-level password is helpful to prevent the illegal use of bank statements. That’s why it is compulsory to enter a bank statement password once.

Q 2 – What is a bank statement password formatting?

A – The formatting of bank statement passwords is decided by a specific bank. Some of the banks use account holders’ date of birth as password while some banks use the last 5-6 numbers of registered mobile numbers. Therefore, bank statements password formatting may be different for different banks.

Q 3 – Does your software allow to remove bank statement PDF password from multiple documents at once?

A – Yes, CloudXtra bank statement password remover is fully authorized to unlock bank statement passwords in bulk.


The CloudXtra team detailed both manual and professional methods for permanently remove bank statement passwords online in this article. If you simply wish to unlock one or two statements, use the manual technique; for bulk unlocking, use the bank statement password removal online tool.