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How to Copy Text from Locked PDF File? – Smart Online Solution

Scott Mandril ~ Published: 23-May-2022 ~ Remove Password ~ 5 Minutes Reading

A PDF file can be protected with many restrictions. Did you discover your PDF file was password-protected and refused to copy and edit its text and images? So, here we are giving you a powerful solution to copy text from a locked PDF file effectively.

PDF files are a very popular file format for saving and sharing documents globally. Many PDFs, like credit cards, bank statements, journals, phone bills, magazines, etc., are locked with a password for unauthorized copying, reading, and printing. Document owners can create a password on a PDF file to preserve the content. But at that time, a user wants to copy text from a protected PDF. But the question is how to copy text from a secured PDF file. Therefore, before moving toward the solution, let’s discuss different types of user queries about locked PDFs.

Why does User want to Copy Text from Protected PDF File?

“Hello, I got lots of invoices that contained the company’s bank details. It would be so easy, and accurate, just to copy and paste. But I can’t copy all the text from PDF. All PDFs are created with restrictions like passwords. So, how can I copy text from a secure PDF document? Please suggest me a reliable solution.”

“I have a password-protected PDF file. Is it possible to unlock it? I’d want to be able to copy text from it and paste it into a blank text edit file so that I can increase the font size so that I can read it.”

“A PDF-formatted document was sent to me by my workplace colleague. I want to preserve certain information, but I am unable to copy text from the protected PDF file. I have tried several online tools, but none of them have helped me do the task properly. Please suggest a method for quickly copying content from a protected PDF without a password.”

Understand About PDF Security

Generally, users can use two types of password locking functionality in PDF files. The first is the user-level password, and the second is by adding the owner-level password. First and foremost, understand these passwords closely.

User Level password (document open password): It is created to prevent someone from opening a PDF document without providing an appropriate password. If you try to open the password-protected file then it will show the pop-up messages like below.
copy text from locked user level password

Owner Level password: It’s also called the “Master Password.” Most of the time, this type of password security is used when the user wants to set limits on the PDF document. If users don’t want to allow anyone to copy text from a PDF document, So, they applied a restriction on the PDF file so that other users could not copy content from the locked PDF.

Direct Solution Copy Text from Locked PDF File

We recommend using the professional solution, Online PDF Unlocker software by CloudXtra. This tool allows the user to remove passwords from PDFs. It is also capable of converting password-protected PDF files to normal PDFs online. There is no need to install this software, you can easily run it directly on any computer and smartphone.

  1. Run the PDF password remover tool using any web browser. After clicking on the Add Files option.

    copy text from secured pdf

  2. Then, choose a password-protected PDF file from your device and click on the Open button.

    choose protected PDF file

  3. After that, a pop-up message indicates that files have been successfully uploaded to the software panel.

    upload protected PDF file successfully

  4. The software displays essential PDF file information. If your PDF is password-protected at the owner level, it will display a warning that it is not a password-protected PDF. In this instance, a password is unnecessary. For user-level security, however, a password is required. Click the Unlock PDF button now.

    enter user level password to copy content from protected PDF

  5. Therefore, the locked PDF file was unlocked successfully. Click on the Download button to check the status.

    download the unprotected PDF file

  6. Lastly, go to the destination location and see the unprotected PDF file, so the user can easily copy content from the locked PDF.

PDF Password Remover Online Tool Features

  • This tool removes passwords without installing them on your computer. A user can copy text from a protected PDF online. Sometimes harmful malware or viruses may be downloaded with a setup file.
  • The online cloud-based tool permits you to remove passwords from secured PDFs in bulk.
  • Users of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS can all run it without needing a certain OS.
  • You can trust it blindly. This tool does not save your data on their database.
  • It will preserve the complete data integrity without reducing and loss of quality.


In the above section, we have discussed the complete process of copying text from a password-protected PDF quickly. There are many manual methods available on the internet, but they do not give you a 100% guarantee of your data. This online tool gives you complete accuracy without having to install setup. The tool only requires a web browser and an active internet connection to accomplish this task.