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Know CloudXtra Refund Policy Guidelines

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Please read the CloudXtra Online products return policy guidelines.

We Provide 30 Days Payment Refund in Following Situations

  • If you are frequently encountering an error that prevents you from fully using our services, and we are unable to remedy the problem in a reasonable amount of time or provide a temporary solution. (Please note that refunds are only issued if you work with our Support and offer specific information about your error, such as screenshots of error messages, log files, thorough explanations of your actions, file samples, and so on.)
  • If you unintentionally purchased the same software license more than once.
  • CloudXtra strongly recommends to use the freeware version of our online tools before purchasing the professional license. First check, our freeware edition and if it is beneficial for your desired task then it is advisable to grab license keys. After that, if our online tools fail to complete the desired task then you are eligible for refund payment.

We Don't Accept Refund in Following Cases

  • If you have purchased the software more than 30 days ago.
  • If a customer requests a refund right after making a purchase.
  • If there are no specific justifications for the refund request.
  • If a user wants a refund because a feature is missing that is not listed in the software's features list or description on our official website.
  • If a user is unable to fully utilize software owing to incompatibility with the software's system requirements, the user is responsible for ensuring that the target PC meets the system requirements for the software offered on the website before completing the purchase.
  • If the user refuses to cooperate with the support team.

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