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How to Remove Secured Status from PDF Online – Know Tips & Tricks

Scott Mandril ~ Published: 09-Mar-2022 ~ Remove Password ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Want to get a solution to remove secured status from PDF Adobe documents? Do not be concerned and continue reading this informative article. In this article, you will learn two methods to remove security tag from PDF files, along with comprehensive tips and tricks.

As is well known, PDF files are widely used for document sharing and management. For a long period of time, users preferred PDF documents due to their advanced features and adaptability.

When we open PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat and Reader programs. We can see PDF is secured or not on top. Actually, Adobe Acrobat users can allow and disallow different types of restrictions according to their choice i.e., Printing, Changing the Document, Document Assembly, Content Copying, Content Copying for Accessibility, Page Extraction, Commenting, Filling of form field, Signing, and Creation of Template Pages.

Why Do Users Want to Remove Security Tag from PDF?

I recently began working as a manager for a corporation, where staff members assigned me responsibility for managing PDF documents as needed. The majority of the things I need to do with PDFs involve copying, printing, and editing. Now I notice that the majority of documents have a “SECURED” status. However, I need to remove secured status from PDF. As a result, I am able to effortlessly complete my assigned task.

I am working as a blogger for past several years. Recently, I have downloaded some PDF files online from different websites. Now I am planning to re-write the same information for my blogging purpose. But problem is that these files are showing secured status and when I am trying to edit files are asking for passwords. Actually, I want to convert read only PDF files to editable PDF format. Please recommend a freeware method to remove security tag from PDF files.

How to Remove PDF Secured Mode?

Online PDF Unlocker by CloudXtra is a perfect solution to remove PDF secured status. The software allows to remove security tag from PDF without any password. Thereafter, users can unlock read only PDF files and do all necessary things like copy, print, and edit. Let’s know the step-by-step process.

  1. Start the recommended software on any computer and smartphone.
  2. Select Add Files button for uploading secured status PDF files.
    add files
  3. Choose PDF files having security tag and click on Open button.
    open pdf
  4. Secured status PDF documents uploaded successfully, now click on Unlock button.
    uploaded successfully
  5. Thereafter, you can get complete details of uploaded PDFs. In most cases, secured files have owner-level restrictions so there is no need to enter password. Click on Unlock button to remove security tag from PDF files.
    remove pdf secured online
  6. Secured status from PDF files has been removed successfully, see the message and download output documents without secured status.
    how to remove pdf secured mode

How to Check PDF File Status Secured or Not?

  • First of all, start Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on your pc.
  • Thereafter, click on File and choose Open from the dropdown.
  • Browse PDF documents and click on Open button.
  • Now you can see PDF file status is secured or not as seen in the screenshot.
    secured status

Know How to Remove PDF Secured Mode Using Adobe Acrobat

  1. Open secured status PDF file using Adobe Acrobat program.
  2. Thereafter, choose Security Settings and click on Permission Details.
    permission details
  3. Select No Security option from dropdown menu of Security Method.
    security method
  4. After that, enter permission password and hit on the Ok button.
    enter permission password
  5. Are you sure you want to remove security from this document? Press Ok button.
    remove security tag from pdf
  6. Now you can check secured status from PDF has been removed successfully.
    remove secured status from pdf

Limitations of Manual Method

  • If you are using a manual method to remove security tag from PDF, then it asks for password. Hence, if you want to remove password from downloaded PDF files then it will not work. You may not have the password or forgot the password in such cases.
  • The manual technique to remove PDF secured mode requires to have a full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC that comes with heavy costing. Therefore, it is difficult to afford for home-based users.
  • This is a time-consuming task which allows to remove secured status from PDF files one by one. Hence, you need to follow same repeated task for multiple documents.

Final Words

Above we have mentioned twin methods with complete tips and tricks to remove secured status from PDF documents. If you have Adobe Acrobat installed and you know the password of PDF documents then you can go with manual method. If you don’t have password and Adobe Acrobat then it is advisable to use recommended software.

The software mentioned above enables you to remove the security tag from PDF documents on any operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. While removing PDF secured mode from owner-level restrictions, the tool does not prompt for a password.