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How to Remove Password from Form 16 PDF Online Free?

Scott Mandril ~ Published: 24-Feb-2022 ~ Remove Password ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Planning for e-filing of income tax return and want to remove password from form 16 online? If yes then continue read this article, after that, you will be able to unlock form 16 Part A & B forever.

A lot of professionals are working for resolving income tax, TDS, and ITR related issues. Sometimes they want to remove form 16 password for hassle-free e filing of ITR, printing, and editing of income tax form 16.

Why Users Want to Unlock Form 16 – Possible Reasons

  • Clients occasionally provided password-protected form 16 to chartered accountants. They did, however, demand documents that were not password-protected.
  • Users wish to print, edit, and copy form 16 data; hence restrictions must be removed.
  • Users can share documents without providing passwords for certain needs after eliminating form 16 password security.
  • If you want to make hard copies of form 16, removing the passwords is a good idea.

User Query – I am working as a chartered accountant for past 8 years for multiple organizations and professionals. Sometimes I face problems as my clients send me password-protected income tax form 16. But when I try to upload them to file income tax returns, they require for password. I also receive some form 16 having printing restrictions. For unlocking form 16 documents, I need to make phone calls to my clients. But this is time-consuming for me. Now I am looking to get the best possible way to remove form 16 password.
enter password

How to Remove Form 16 Password in Bulk – Best Possible Method

Free Online PDF Password Unlocker Software is recommended possible way to unlock form 16 in bulk. You can use this application without installing your computer and smartphone as it works online.  Simply follow the procedures below to permanently remove the income tax form 16 password.

  1. Go to online software interface and click on Add Files button.
    add files
  2. Select form 16 Tax Deducted at Source files and press Open.
    select form
  3. Form 16 income tax TDS files uploaded successfully.
    uploaded successfully
  4. Once enter the user-level password of form 16 and hit on Unlock. However, if your form 16 PDF has only print, copy, and edit restrictions. Then there is no need to enter password.
    enter user level password
  5. Income tax form 16 files unlocked successfully, download them on your device.
    remove password from form 16 online
  6. After that, go to destination path and get unlocked form 16 TDS files.
    income tax form 16 files unlocked
  7. Finally, double-click any document to open and read TDS related information without entering a password.
    unlock form 16

What Are the Benefits of Online Software?

  • Remove password from form 16 PDFs in bulk at once to save crucial time and effort.
  • This online cloud-based utility does not require any download or installation.
  • Works flawlessly on all Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and other operating systems.
  • It is accessible to all computers, smartphones (Android & iPhone), and tablet users.
  • Users can remove form 16 print, copy, and edit restrictions without entering a password.

Manual Way for Unlocking Form 16 Password

How can I remove password from form 16 using manual method?

Follow the given instructions for unlocking password of form 16 document.

  1. Right-click on the password-protected form 16 document on your pc.
  2. Choose the Open With option and select Google Chrome from listed programs.
  3. Fill out form 16 password in a specified box and click Submit to proceed.
  4. Thereafter, you can read details TDS information available in form 16.
  5. Then, press Print and select the Destination option.
  6. Select Save as PDF from the drop-down menu.
  7. To proceed, click Save and navigate to a specific target folder.
  8. Finally, click on Save to unlock form 16 restrictions.

Limitation – The manual procedure can only unlock one form 16 at a time. As a result, if you wish to delete the password from several form 16 PDFs, you must repeat the process.

Questions and Answers

Q 1 – Can I use these solutions to unlock form 16 A & 16 B documents?

A – Yes, you can remove form 16 A & 16 B passwords using both mentioned solutions.

Q 2 – I am using iPhone mobile; can I operate your software?

A – Yes, we have mentioned already in software benefits that software can be operable on any computer (Windows & Mac) / smartphone (iPhone & Android).

Q 3 – Is it possible to remove password from form 16 online in batch?

A – Yes, this online software allows to unlock multiple form 16 documents in bulk.


CloudXtra specialists demonstrated both automatic and manual methods to remove password from form 16 online. You are free to choose any method of your choice. However, if you want to save time, utilize an online application to permanently unlock Form 16. Following that, you can use the unlocked form to e-file your income text return.