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How to Unlock Read Only PDF File Online?

Scott Mandril ~ Modified: 15-Mar-2022 ~ Remove Password ~ 5 Minutes Reading

You are here because you want to unlock read only PDF online! This is quite important task because, in this digital world, the use of technology is growing day by day. PDF documents are becoming increasingly crucial in the processing of various forms of work. Nowadays, PDF files are used for generating infographics, Salary slips, Books, Invoices, etc.

Users can easily make read only PDF files by adding edit restrictions. But sometimes, users want to remove read only PDF passwords. Because they need to edit them according to their requirements.

Why Do Users Want to Remove Read Only PDF Restrictions?

According to the necessity of users to unlock read-only PDF online, there are numerous probable explanations. We’ve highlighted a few of the selected users’ questions here.

Query 1: I have recently downloaded multiple PDF documents online for completing my final year assignments. I am able to read and open them using a PDF reader application. But when I am trying to edit them, it is asking for a permission password. I don’t know the password of read only PDF documents. How do I remove read only from PDF for editing?

asking for a permission password

Query 2: I am working as an infographic designer in an IT company. Recently, I am working on a crucial project. For designing the infographics, I have downloaded some helpful PDF files online. But most of the downloaded files are read-only PDFs and I want to edit them. When I am trying to edit read only PDF, it is showing a message i.e. This is a secured document. Editing is not permitted. Please suggest me the solution to unlock read only PDF files permanently.

editing is not permitted

Query 3: I am studying at a university as a professor. Before few years ago, I have created some PDF files with edit restrictions to store study material. But now I forgot the password of PDFs. I again want to edit my PDF documents but I am unable to do this at the moment. But when I am again trying to restrict them with new password but now restrict editing option is not enabled. I am sharing your screenshot, please check and provide me technique to unlock read only PDF online.

restrict editing

How to Unlock Read Only PDF Online without Password?

Online PDF Forgot Password Remover Software is the most perfect and relevant solution for you. You can use it to unlock read only PDF online free of cost. Even there is no need to enter password for removing read only encryptions from PDF. Let’s know how it works.

  1. Launch this cloud-based online tool and select Add Files option.
    add files option
  2. Select read only PDF files and hit on Open button.
    open button
  3. PDF documents uploaded successfully, see the message about this.
    uploaded successfully
  4. After that, you can see restricted read only PDF files information. There is no need to enter the password as this is not protected with user-level password. Actually, these files have owner-level edit restriction encryption. Now click on Unlock button.
    read only pdf files information
  5. Read-only PDF unlocked successfully, now download PDF files for editing.
    unlock read only pdf online
  6. Here, you can see downloaded unlocked read-only PDF documents.
    remove read only pdf password
  7. Now read only PDF files became editable, you can edit them accordingly.
    enable editing

Software Benefits to Unlock Read Only PDF Online

  • All-in-one software to run on different types of digital devices such as computers, MacBooks, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Unlock read-only PDF restrictions online using all Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems.
  • Remove read only PDF password from multiple documents at once. Therefore, users can save their crucial time.
  • Unlock read only PDF file restrictions as well as print and copy encryptions instantly.
  • There is no download and installation needed to use this application, it works online without any setup.

Questions and Answers

Q 1 – How do I remove read only from PDF to enable editing feature?

A – To remove read-only encryptions from PDF files, follow the steps outlined above. Then, open the resulting PDF with an editor application. As you can see, the edit feature is now enabled.

Q 2 – Can I unlock read only PDF online without proving password?

A – Yes, CloudXtra Software does not say to enter the password of read only PDF documents.

Q 3 – What are the specifications of this software?

A – The tool requires only active internet connectivity. After that, you can directly operate using any web browser program.


After reading this blog post, you will be able to unlock read only PDF online. Thereafter, the edit option will be enabled. Hope, this method will be most helpful to you if you want to add some required information in read only PDF documents. Mentioned software is 100% safe from harmful viruses as it works without any installation. If you have any other queries regarding removing read only PDF passwords, then feel free to contact our support team.