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How to Remove Password from Downloaded PDF Files Online?

Scott Mandril ~ Modified: 15-Mar-2022 ~ Remove Password ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Sometimes users need to download PDF documents but they can’t edit, copy, or print them. Because most of the downloaded PDF files are secured with encryptions. Therefore, users want to remove password from downloaded PDF files.

Eliminating password from downloaded PDFs is the most complicated task. Because, users don’t have the password of downloaded PDF documents. But they want to remove all types of restrictions i.e., editing, copying, and printing.

Read Real-Time User Questions to Gain a Better Understanding

Query 1: I am working as a project manager in an IT company. Where I need to create some PDF infographics about my assigned project. Therefore, I have downloaded some sample PDF infographics. But when I am trying to print them, then print option is showing disabled. Is it possible to enable the print option for downloaded PDFs?

print disabled

Query 2: I am working as a professor at a reputable university. I am planning to generate some study material for students in Adobe PDF format. I have downloaded some syllabus eBooks in PDF format online. But when I am trying to edit them for adding some crucial information for each chapter. Then PDF files are asking for password but I don’t know the password of the downloaded PDF. Please suggest to me how can I remove unknown password from downloaded PDF.

asking for a permission password

Query 3: One of my clients sent me some downloaded PDF files to remove read only PDF restrictions. As he wants to make them editable files. When I am trying to edit them, it is showing a warning message like “This is a secured document. Editing is not permitted”. Please recommend me professional technique to remove downloaded PDF file password.

editing is not permitted

Remove Downloaded PDF File Password – Recommended Method

Make use of Adobe PDF Password Remover Online Software to remove passwords from downloaded PDF files. This is an ideal application for completing this task because it does not require a password to remove restrictions for editing, copying, and printing.

  1. Launch the online software and select the Add Files option.
    add files option
  2. Choose PDF files that you’ve downloaded on your computer and smartphone. Then click the Open button.
    open button
  3. Downloaded documents uploaded successfully, see the message.
    uploaded successfully
  4. In the software’s graphical user interface, you can view information about downloaded PDF documents. There is no need to enter a password in specific field, so leave it empty. Then, press the Unlock button.
    downloaded pdf files information
  5. Your downloaded PDF documents were successfully unlocked. Download them to your computer based on your preferences.
    remove password from downloaded pdf
  6. After that, navigate to the destination path as Downloads Folder to view the output PDF documents.
    remove downloaded pdf file password
  7. Lastly, open resultant PDF files using PDF editor and Acrobat programs. Now you can easily print, copy, and edit PDF documents.
    enable editing

Software Functionality to Remove Password from Downloaded PDF

  • While removing encryptions from downloaded PDF files, the software does not prompt for a password.
  • This application is capable to remove all types of restrictions from downloaded PDF files i.e., Edit, Copy, and Print.
  • Software is 100% safe from viruses as there is no need to download & install its setup file.
  • It can eliminate all types of encryption and restrictions like Edit, Copy, and Print forever.
  • This software can be easily operable using any Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS device.
  • CloudXtra software can be used by anyone in the world who has a web browser and an active internet connection.

Manual Method Possibilities

If you are looking for a manual method to remove password from downloaded PDF files. Then, 99% it is not possible because the manual method asks for the password. But in most cases, we don’t have the password for downloaded PDFs.

There are multiple manual methods available for eliminating all types of restrictions. But once, you will need to enter a dedicated password. All manual techniques require to enter password mandatory.

Answers to Questions

Q 1 – Can I remove password from downloaded PDF documents in bulk?

A – Yes, the suggested software is capable to remove password from multiple PDF files. Therefore, you can save your crucial by avoiding the repeat process again and again.

Q 2 – I don’t know the password of the downloaded PDF, does your software work without entering passwords?

A – Yes, no need to take any stress, software does not say to enter password to remove all types of owner level restrictions as Edit, Copy, and Print.

Q 3 – Is it possible to launch your software on iPhone devices?

A – Yes, this utility is compatible with all iPhone, Android, Windows Computer, and MacBooks. So don’t worry!


We have explained the complete process to remove password from downloaded PDF files. Follow mentioned steps if you want to edit, print, or copy your downloaded PDF documents. However, if you know the password of downloaded PDF then you can also follow the manual method. But the manual method can remove only one downloaded PDF file restriction at a time.